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My mother-in-law found this mysterious medallion.  Here's all I can tell you about it.  The medallion is made of a non-ferris metal (a magnet won't stick to it) and it's dark in color, like zinc.  On the front in the center is a round, black stone that looks similar to onyx.  The entire medallion is approximately 1.5"/4cm in diameter and weights 6oz/15g.  As far as numerology is concerned there are lots of 7s in its design. 

On the front are six words in Latin, "Multi sunt vocati pauci vero electi" which is the Latin translation of The Bible's Gospel of  Matthew, chapter 24, verse 14 "For many are called, but few are chosen" (King James Version).  At the top is "Exo7" which I assume is a reference to The Bible's Book of Exodus, chapter 7 where Moses and the sorcerers of Pharaoh engage in a battle of miracles.  Including "Exo7" there are seven words total.  There are seven symbols, a US dollar sign at the top, to the left of it is a cornucopia, below at the bottom is a hexagram (Star of David) with the number 7 in the center (a hexagram has 7 spaces, some say representing the Sun, Moon and original 5 known planets in the Babylonian zodiac).  I can't determine the other symbols although at least one seems to be related to alchemy.

On the back are the words in Latin "Felix Qui Potuit Rerum Cognoscere Causas" which translates into "Happy, [is he] who has been able to recognize the causes of things." in English.  At the top is Exo7 again (see previous paragraph).  There are 4 concentric circles and in the middle is the Kamea of Venus, the magic square with 7 rows and 7 columns where all the numbers in a row or column (or even diagonally if you do it right)  always equal 175 when added together. 

The metal is fairly dark so I took a picture which is over exposed so that the details are easier to see. 



The only Internet reference I can find is in French (this link has a Google translation into English

Can anyone tell me more about this medallion, for example, who made it, what the purpose of the medallion is (protection, love, etc.) and what the other symbols and their meanings are?

Cant help you at all to figure that out buddy. But that things real cool lookin.

It's possible that's supposed to be a Staff of Asclepius and not a $, although if that's a wheel of fortune in the segment labeled "rerum" it could be that they're all symbols of wealth & prosperity.   I can't really make out the symbols on the right side so it's hard to tell.


Latin words
exo7: (exorior [7 = sevenfold]: issue, appear, come forward / (exoro: to prevail upon a person, entreat successfully)
felix: lucky, fortunate
qui: (quandoquidem: since, because)
potuit: (potum: have influence)
rerum: (rarus: rare, uncommon)
NinnNLL / ixinonell?? it's illegible to me :P If it is Cognoscere, then cognosco is closest; "to examine, inquire, learn"
causas: (causa: cause /reason, motive)

Top Correspondence: Dollar Sign
Top Left Sign: Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)
Left Sign: Diagram of the root/base Chakra, depicting material drive
Bottom left: ?
Bottom right: Hexagram with a 7
Mid Right: Appears to be a Hanukiyot, symbolically used for the Jewish Hanukkah
Top right: ?


Latin Words
exo7: (exorior [7 = sevenfold]: issue, appear, come forward / (exoro: to prevail upon a person, entreat successfully)
multi: many, numerous (multiplex: many-fold, many times)
sunti: ? ( sentio: feel, perceive, experience)
vocati: (invocatio: invocation, an invoking)
pauci: few, a few, some
vero: in truth, to be sure
electi: (electus: chosen, select)

The grid appears to be a name-derivative one similar to those incorporated into the Books of Abramelin, only converted to numerological values from their corresponding letters, perhaps to make it seem more effective / less sinister.

In closing, I'm convinced (and as Daecon suggested) that it is indeed a wealth attracting amulet, though one which seems to attempt to incorporate various wealth-related aspects in an attempt to gather some form of success in prosperity, by whichever means. :P

In the first picture, the Latin says, as far as can make out is : Felix qui potuit rerum (cognoscere) causas (I'm also not sure of the second last word. But Seraphis' suggestion makes sense.)
Which is translated as: Happy is he who is able to learn the cause of things. (give or take)

The square is the kamea (or magic square) of Venus.
 Influences : Love, courtship, marriage, business and personal partnerships, contracts, visual arts, leisure, female sexuality, and individual income.

The rest of the symbols appear to be prosperity charms, but I'll have to get back on that one.


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